Interview: Shopper marketing — it’s all about “me”

13/10/14 at 10:15am

Michelle van Trotsenburg, Y&R’s former business unit director: shopper conversion marketing, recently presented a talk at the POPAI Marketing at Retail Conference in Cape Town. The event focused on what brands, retailers and shoppers need to do to capture influential trend-setting consumer segments.

Van Trotsenburg (@Michelle_VanT) is a qualified marketer with over 15 years of experience, including heading up the marketing department at the Walt Disney Company in Johannesburg. 

Her talk identified key trends in the shopper environment, and offered practical examples and case studies on successful shopper marketing strategies.

Give us a quick rundown of the top shopper marketing trends you have identified for 2014.

Michelle van Trotsenburg: I selected six trends which I covered in my presentation that I find perhaps the most relevant and topical in the shopper marketing discipline, especially this time of year. 

These include: Brazilification: With the [2014 FIFA] World Cup [having dominated] social, broadcast and print media internationally, it’s a no-brainer for many brands to jump on the bandwagon. 

As demonstrated by what is now referred to as the ‘Suarez World Cup Controversy’, international brands like McDonald’s, Trident Gum and Whole Foods Markets use real-time marketing opportunities to capitalise on actual events. 

Global brands like Coca-Cola also seized the marketing opportunity that is the opening match with their ‘The World’s Cup’ campaign, which saw over 200 000 fan images used for ‘The Happiness Flag’ to recreate a unique design developed by Brazilian street artist Speto, in collaboration with Tec, an Argentinian artist.Perhaps less relevant in our local market after 2010, Brazilification is a catalyst for many international campaigns and certainly a trend to consider in the shopper marketing space as well.

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