Retail realities of the Internet of things

10/10/14 at 10:54am

The Digital Solutions Group has elaborated on a recent survey conducted to examine the effect of the Internet of things (IOT) and how it will affect the retail market.The Pew Research Internet project found 83% of respondents surveyed agree that billions of connected and wearable devices talking seamlessly to each other and to service providers, will likely "have widespread and beneficial effects" by 2025.

Yaron Assabi, founder of Digital Solutions Group, explains: "At its core, the IOT concept takes devices not previously connected online and integrates them into the digital world. When IOT meets the consumer space, retailers will need to rethink the traditional retail store, because consumers, who are accustomed to their connected devices at home, cars and in the workplace, will grow to expect similar experiences while shopping."

Assabi notes: "Retail in SA is experiencing a shift due to the ever-changing expectations of more digitally-empowered consumers. The mobile phone specifically is changing the retail experience in SA. Brands are starting to enter into uncharted territory, investing in mobile and dealing with challenges around the marketing effort required to achieve mass consumer adoption."

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